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  • Dynex

    DYNEX PF4300 SERIES FIXED DISPLACEMENT CHECKBALL PUMPS FOR WATER-BASED FLUIDS 2.2 to 8.2 gpm (8,3 to 31,0 L/min) at 1800 rpm Maximum: 15 000 psi (1040 bar)

  • Dynex

    DYNEX PV4000 SERIES VARIABLE DELIVERY CHECKBALL PUMPS 12.2 to 14.0 gpm (45,2 to 53,0 L/min) at 1800 rpm Rated: 4 000 psi (280 bar), Maximum: 6 000 psi (420 bar)

  • GPM

    Bearing Gear Pump Range Series 125Series 131Series 151Series 176

  • Dynex

    DYNEX PF2000 FIXED DISPLACEMENT CHECKBALL PUMPS 4.1 to 8.5 gpm (15,5 to 32,2 L/min) at 1800 rpm Rated: 3 000 psi (210 bar), Maximum: 10 000 psi (700 bar)

  • Dynex

    Split-Flow Pumps The checkball pump design, with its individual piston check valves, offers a unique advantage among hydraulic pump designs. With our design each pumping chamber can be isolated, and the output from each piston can be used separately! This means ONE Dynex pump can supply multiple functions and synchronized movement without flow dividers....

  • 3B Filters

    8100 SeriesMini Tee-Type Filters (2.0” x 3.5”)Up To 10,000 PSI Operating


Our commitment to you as our valued clients we are keep components in inventory for quick turn-around time and reduce down time of your equipment.

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