LF 301 Series
Pressure Tech

LF 301 Series

The LF-301 provides a compact and economical solution for controlling pressure up to 180bar on low flow applications. Ideal for first stage pressure let down where basic pressure control is required. A small piston sensing element allows low toque adjustment with a range of springs with fine pressure adjustment.


• Gas Cylinder regulator assemblies

• Pressure test rigs

• Instrument Air Lines

• Aircraft service carts


• Compact design

• Economical

• 316SS Bonnet

• Max 300bar inlet


Max rated inlet pressure

300bar (4350psi) with PEEK seat

Outlet ranges

0 — 50, 0 — 70, 0 — 100, 0 — 180bar

Design Proof pressure

150% max WP


Bubble tight at max WP (tested on Nitrogen)


1kg (2.2lbs)

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