HYD 691 Series
Pressure Tech

HYD 691 Series

The HYD-691 is the compact version of the highly successful LF-690 series regulator, it has been designed as an economical alternative to the LF-690 for hydraulic oil applications, yet still incorporates all the key features of the larger regulator including ceramic seats. The ceramic ball has a ‘glass like’ finish to provide a positive shut-off and is also fully supported to ensure fixed travel in the ‘Y’ axis. The regulator is self-relieving with a segregated captured vent as standard.


• Hydraulic oil subsea systems

• Subsea valve actuator control

• Valve test rigs

• Liquid sampling

• Hydraulic power packs


• Compact economical design

• 690bar / 10000psi inlet pressure

• Precision machined sensing elements

• 440SS bearings and large handwheel

• Screen protection element


Max rated inlet pressure

690bar (10,000psi)

Outlet ranges

up to 690bar (10000psi)

Design Proof pressure

150% max WP


Zero drops of water at max inlet pressure


2.5 kg

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