LF 300 Series
Pressure Tech

LF 300 Series

The LF-300 has been designed with quality and reliability in mind, with genuinely unique features designed into this single stage regulator. Finite Element Analysis, combined with physical cycle tests, created an Inconel X750 diaphragm that lasts 50% longer than a typical stainless steel designs.

The metal diaphragm means that leak integrity is maintained, and that no sample media is absorbed by the sensing element — reducing purge times between sample analysis. A Brass machined Washer also ensures no torsional load is applied to the diaphragm during assembly.


• Gas and Liquid Analyzer Systems

• Gas Cylinder Regulator Assemblies

• Portable Calibration Kits

• Laboratories & Research Labs

• Low Pressure Hydraulic Systems


• Metal to metal diaphragm sealing

• Coned seating design

• Sealing area protected and centralized on the body of the regulator

• Lightweight compact design

• Strong and sensitive diaphragm element

• High Accuracy



Max rated inlet pressure

300bar (4350psi) with PEEK seat

Outlet ranges

up to 35bar (500psi)

Design Proof pressure

150% max WP


Bubble tight at max WP (tested on Nitrogen)


0.9kg (2lbs)

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