Relief valve 


Ports: ¾" NPT: Inlet - Male; Outlet - Female Cv = 2.0 For tamper proof option, add "-TP" to the part number


PRESSURES UP TO 30,000-PSI COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FLUIDS AIR ACTUATED - NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED NORMALLY OPENED OR NORMALLY CLOSED POSITIONS AVAILABLE SC Pressure Release Valves are available in normally open and normally closed configurations. All of the valves are air actuated and are compatible with most fluids including water and synthetic compounds....


COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FLUIDS ADJUSTABLE SENSING PRESSURE FACTORY SET PER CUSTOMER REQUEST PRESSURES FROM 100-PSI TO 60,000-PSI MODELS SUITABLE FOR BOTH LIQUID OR GAS SC Hydraulic Engineering direct acting relief valves are available in 1/4" NPT and 9/16-18 60� cone high pressure fitting for relieving pressures from 100 to 60,000 psi. The stainless steel...


Features Anti-cavitation valves, maximum pressure relief valves, priority valves and “load sensing” priority valves built in the following series of gear pumps and motors: POLARIS, WHISPER, KAPPA, New KAPPA Compact.


DYNEX H8819 HIGH-PRESSURE/HIGH-FLOW RELIEF VALVES Rated to 50 gpm at 15 000 psi (190 L/min at 1040 bar), or Rated to 75 gpm at 9000 psi (284 L/min at 620 bar)