KR-38 Series Pressure Regulator

KR-38 Series Pressure Regulator

Inlet: ½"   Outlet: ½"    Vent: ½"

Cv = 1.84      Rated Flow = 15 GPM


1) The deadband will vary depending on factors which affect friction between the seal rings and flow plates. Namely, type of fluid and lubricity properties, temperature, differential between supply and regulated outlet pressures, seal ring and flow plate wear condition and interpretation influenced by gauge sensitivity.


2) The Reset Range or Hysteresis is within +/- 150 psi for all models.

Repair Kits:

40-1595: O-ring Kit; O-rings & backup rings

40-1594: Seal Kit; includes O-ring Kit, seal rings and springs

40-1593: Minor Repair Kit; includes Seal Kit, flow plates and screws

40-1592: Major Repair Kit; includes Minor Repair Kit and seal container

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