L3 Series Liquid Pump

L3 Series Liquid Pump







SC air driven compact liquid pumps operate on the principal of differential areas. An air piston drives a smaller diameter hydraulic plunger to provide a pressure ratio. The pressure ratio determines the maximum outlet pressure.

SC compact liquid pumps cycle automatically. When compressed air is first applied to the pump, it will cycle at its maximum speed producing maximum flow. At this stage, the pump is acting as a transfer pump filling the pressure receiver with liquid. The pump will then gradually start to cycle at a slower rate as the pressure in the receiver increases and offers more resistance to the reciprocating differential piston.

SC pumps stop automatically when the output pressure force and the air drive force is balanced to create a stall condition. At this point, the pump will maintain pressure without energy consumption, thus providing an economical source for hydraulic power.

SC pumps will cycle with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or increase in the air drive pressure due to very low frictional resistance.

SC pumps are suitable for use on scissor jack lifts, aircraft jacks, clamping devices, punches and pin presses, valve actuation, roller tensioning, torque wrenches, press system overload, pressure testing, crimping, trash compactors, paper and printing paper cutters.

Compatible with all hydraulic fluids, plain water, distilled and di-ionized water, solvents, mild chemicals and liquefied CO2.

316 Stainless steel wetted hydraulic construction, light weight (six pounds), 3.5" x 7.00" body includes inlet and exhaust muffler.

Available in eight ratios: 15, 25, 35, 45, 65, 105, 125 and 195.

Requires less than 15 psi air drive pressure to operate, the L3 series pump is self priming for immediate operation. Maximum air drive pressure is 125 psi (intermittent duty)

Can supply pressures up to 24,375 psi @ 125 psi air drive and flow rates up to 1.0 gpm.

Requires no electrical power or connections.

Alternative gases that can drive the pump include nitrogen vapor from liquefied gas or natural gas pipeline, thus offering a completely self-contained package independent of external power sources.

Hand pump attachment option allows for manual operation when shop air is not available or for precision pressure control.


  • Crimping

  • Valve actuation

  • Pressure testing

  • Torque wrenches

  • Clamping devices

  • Trash compactors

  • Well Control Panels

  • Press system overload

  • Punches and pin presses

  • Roller and bolt tensioning

  • Scissor jack lifts, aircraft jacks

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